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DSSR - Double Shear Selector Rod - 2007+ 135i 6-speed

Price: $129.00
Item Number: DSSR86-1
Manufacturer: UUC Motorwerks
Manufacturer Part No: DSSR86-1


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The Double Shear Selector Rod (DSSR) redistributes the torsion forces from the pin/bushing interface to the complete face area on both sides of the selector joint. By taking advantage of the strength of steel in the DSSR and the body of the joint, the problem of deformation is eliminated and the movement of the selector rod correlates directly to movement of the selector joint - the only "free play" movement remaining in the shifter assembly is from within the transmission itself. In-gear "free play" is reduced to approximately 10mm total when used with a UUC EVO3 shifter.

The original BMW shifter and all other aftermarket shifters (except UUC which uses deformation-free bearings) contain a plastic bushing similar to the selector joint, and the exact same wear and ovalization causes those shifters to get sloppy. The DSSR permanently fixes these shifters also. The DSSR is compatible with all brand shifters, whether original BMW or other-brand aftermarket. When used with the original BMW shifter or other aftermarket shifters, the amount of "free play" will be greatly reduced but varies by shifter (flex of the shifter shaft contributes to the total "free play" travel).

While there are other replacement selector rods sold in the aftermarket (including "no tolerance" brass and "heavy" selector rods), none of them will get rid of the slop and "free play" in the BMW shifter assembly. These alternate products are not actually improving the shift feel at all, but are simply rods with alternate geometry (either bent or twisted), an accommodation to make the "universal fit" aftermarket shifters fit properly.

These other aftermarket shifters, even with their "heavy" selector rods, will still be as sloppy as the original BMW shifters they are replacing. While the throw may be shorter, the precision of the assembly is no better than a new BMW part, and will develop the same slop within a few thousand miles.

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