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Powerflex Urethane Bushings BMW E46 3 Series (1999-2006)

Price: From $53.00 to $260.00
Manufacturer: PowerFlex
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The Powerflex E46 Front control arm bushing is one of our #1 selling products. The factory rubber bushing is a delicate piece that wears prematurely, creating sloppy steering, bad inner tire wear, and a jolting steering wheel under braking. Instead of replacing this bushing set with factory bushings every 40k miles, we suggest upgrading to the Powerflex urethane bushings for a long lasting upgrade that will increase steering response, reduce uneven tire wear, and reduce maintenance repairs.

These bushings add minimal, if any, NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness), and are suggested for street dedicated cars and auto-x/ driving school cars as well. One of the best features of these bushings is their 2 piece design. The bushings are made in 2 pieces so the rotation occurs between the urethane for a squeak free, easily lube-able bushing with a considerably increased lifespan. The inner bushing is grooved to hold the copper based lube (supplied with kit) for numerous years.

A set includes 2 bushings and lube for a complete kit. No other parts are necessary. If your E46 has more than 90k miles, we suggest taking a hard look at the front control arm's ball joints for wear as well. Any movement at these ball joints can produce bad tire wear and handling.

66mm vs 60mm Bushing Diameter:

  • Most E46 3 Series cars have 66mm bushing housings. Cars produced before 2/01 had 60mm bushings initially, but were recalled in exchange for 66mm housings, bushings and upgraded control arms. If you currently have 60mm housings we offer the bushings in the 60mm diameter, but we suggest upgrading to our 66mm bushing and housing kit... (If you have a E46 produced before 2/01 and do not want the 66mm bushings pre-pressed into new housings, we suggest measuring your existing housings before ordering to confirm diameter.)

66mm Bushing and Housing Kit:

  • This kit comes with 66mm Powerflex bushings PRE-PRESSED into new 66mm housings for an easy install you can do you self with minimal tools. If you have a jack stand, 16mm wrench, and rubber mallet, you can do the swap yourself in your driveway with no need to take it to a service shop! If purchased pre-pressed in housings, your current housing diameter is not needed.

E46 M3 Owners:

  • We now have a particular part number specific to the E46 M3. The E46 M3 uses a beefy 60mm housing and a thick hex shape on the control arm. using non-M3 bushings on a m3 will result in a fitment that is not ideal. only the E46 M3 specific bushing set will fit properly for a direct easy installation. We also offer this bushing kit pre-pressed into new M3 specific housings for a easy install. If you have a jack stand, 16mm wrench, and rubber mallet, you can do the swap yourself in your driveway!

E46 Xi All Wheel Drive Owners:

  • For Xi owners we have a specific bushing kit available for you particular application. The Xi bushing housing is 60mm but completely different from the normal RWD E46. This bushing is the exact same bushing used in the earlier E36 3 Series and does not have the hex shaped center. We DO NOT offer this bushing pre-pressed into a housing. Press work will be needed incorporating your existing housings.


  • PFF5-4601 is designed to fit the 66mm bore front wishbone lollipop, the most common E46 non-///M bushing
  • PFF5-4601 w/housing: Front control arm bushing is pressed into an OEM housing (does not fit Xi or M3)
  • PFF5-4601M3 is M3 specific due to the increased size of control arm hex
  • PFF5-4601M3 w/housing: (///M3 specific) pressed into an OEM housing
  • PFF5-4601-60 is designed to fit the 60mm bore front wishbone lollipop on early E46 cars; we suggest upgrading to the 66mm housings
  • PFF5-4602-30.8 fits M3 CSL Models ONLY
  • PFR5-4609-21.5 fIts M3 Models ONLY
  • PFR5-4609-22.5 fits M3 CSL Models ONLY
  • PFR5-3608/4608 - Powerflex provides one part number for this fitment, which indicates E36 model cars.  BMW uses the same part number for E36, E46, and Z4 (just like Powerflex) and the E36 part is correct for all of these applications.

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